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>> we are one community and we will not let terror take us over. >> this community will recover and heal if we turn to each other. we are one community all in this together and the sensitivity we show to each other as we heal will be an important part of how we heal. cenk: that was the mayor of boston and the governor of massachusetts talking about of course the tragedy of the
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bombings that happened in the boston marathon. we have a twist that's a little amazing, first bomb in a dark any salon backpack, made from a pressure cooker, b.b. pellets and nails were found as part of the bomb. the death toll unfortunately is up to three and a huge number, over 170 injured. people are making a lot over the materials there, what does it indicate, does it mean that it's domestic terrorist a foreign tryst. obviously, very, very hard to tell. if the authorities can't tell, how are we supposed to be able to tell. we do have information on who has been eliminated. more importantly, we go to the victims, krystle campbell was a restaurant manager originally, and here's the thing that's really sad. her mom was told that she had
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survived, and she was going to meet her. well, let's show you what happened next. cenk: you couldn't ask for a better daughter. i can't believe this has happened. such a happy worker in everything she did. this doesn't make any sense. thank you. cenk: turns out that they had mistaken the identity she was going to meet, it was her daughter's friend. her dear passed away. there's a million tragic stories here. of course, you heard about the 8-year-old yesterday who was killed martin william richard. anytime you see a kid like that and the parent crying, and you've got the mom who has two sons with their legs blown off unbelievable, among the many reasons this is a horrible tragedy.
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here comes the twist, not in terms of the bombings, but we received word a little before the show that senator roger wicker's office received ricin in the mail. that is a poison, and that is a very surprising turn of events. everybody remembers after 9/11, we had all the possible poison sent to the different senators and to the members of the media so that pattern following again is very disturbing indeed. now i got a great panel for you guys today. i wish that it was under lighter news, but it is great you all here to discuss these issues. ben hank wits, of course everybody is a regular mark thomson joins us again michael hastings is here, we call him the notebook. jamie dewolf joins us from san francisco, as well, a former writer, film make irand great grandson of l. ron hubbard. if we had jamie and ben's
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grabbed father on the panel. >> that's a panel. cenk: his grandfather of course wrote "citizen kane." of course we don't know who sent the ricin. i don't want to pull a fox news, and say it's the immigrants. the ricin throws a curveball. what do you think? immediately people start speculating. he was the one who voted to stop the filibuster on the gun control. >> first of all, i don't think you could find 500 americans who know who roger wicker is. i don't mean to disparage him
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but i don't know that that makes it a little surprising, that it's someone unless it's a random selection of a senator then it was someone paying rather close attention to the incident cruises of the senate if he was singled out because you'd be hard pressed to find five senators less known than him. cenk: that's right. when i saw it, i was like roger wicker, that seems weird to me. when i heard the n.r.a. angle and don't get me wrong, the n.r.a. has nothing to do with this, it's gun control legislation. if that's the correct theory, it could have been anybody mad about that. >> one thing we should say obviously anyone who sends poison to a united states senator is on some level a crazy person, so once you're crazy you've opened it up to any number of possibilities.
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>> the net widens once you've stipulated somebody is crazy could be crazy on any level for any reason. if it's a political statement or statement of any kind that's supposed to correspond with another statement with this loose n.r.a. tie, if you want to buy into that, but in any case, there's no specificity at all about this bombing. this is just an act of terrorism that appears random, nobody is taking credit for it. thus far, there are no clues. if it's intended to be a statement of some kind, the statement is. cenk: lost on us. >> exactly a blur. cenk: that's interesting because now everybody is speculating. again, i don't blame them, because everybody's curious about it. some i blame, glenn beck with his insane theory which of course it had to be the muslims because they kill in sents. he didn't say right wing, but
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when nationalists americans do it they target non-innocents? is that a defense of the right wing terrorism? where did you even make up that fact from? it's not even true, right? others say duffle bag means american. >> that's what i thought when i heard the slow cooker, it sounds like an american thing. we don't know this ricin thing is related. they never caught the guy who did it before, accused the wrong guy for years, two of the wrong people. >> it could be the same? after 9/11, the guy you're referring to michael the f.b.i. finally said after someone died, we thought it was him. they had already had an investigation, they thought maybe he committed suicide because of the investigation. it was just a random professor who was a weirdo who followed
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sorority girls. was it really him? who knows. >> i think i read a pretty convincing -- too. you have the unabomber. there's a long history of domestic american terrorists who don't claim responsibility right away and do this stuff for years before they get caught. richard jewell, that was blamed on him and it was this other guy completely. cenk: that turned out to be erik rudolph. >> i haven't read enough, but i don't think we're going to get a claim of responsibility if we had not caught tim mcveigh. cenk: we never got clarity on the so-called second bomber at oklahoma city. >> eventually, you could interrogate tim mcveigh and get to the bottom of it. cenk: oh, right we killed him. >> everybody said there was a second bomber at oklahoma city and then the authorities were like we never caught that guy so no, there wasn't.
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maybe that's there, there was not. then you have the lunatics, like alex jones immediately claiming it's a false flag investigation. i want to show you a match up here a11 it's going to show the different people in the media and among the politicians talking about who it might be. >> a senior u.s. official tells us no foreign connection or link to al-qaeda has been found in this attack, at least not yet. >> well, we have learned they haven't been able to extinguish whether it's an international terrorist or domestic terrorist. >> i know that the pressure cooker was in the magazine that was the al-qaeda magazine. it does have islamist links but could be used by another group like a white supremacist group. cenk: i believe we're looking at a live picture there and people
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in white suits obviously that means they're concerned about a bomb in the area. so, you know, this is on going the concern is on going. now, i love how steve king connected the pressure cooker to al-qaeda somehow. >> michael connected it to u.s. >> right. >> it did feel u.s., right. >> it probably was in this al-qaeda magazine, there's no reason to doubt that it's not. >> i can't believe that peter king actually at the end acknowledged that it also could be a white supreme sift group. cenk: first of all, let's look at what's logical. if the ricin attack is connected to the bombings and it does seem like wow that is incredible timing if it's not connected who's going to target wicker? it's not going to be al-qaeda da. it could be a leftwing group. wicker's from mississippi. i'm going to show you later in the program the list of terrorist attacks and leftwing
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groups have a tremendous amount. they don't kill anyone, it's mainly fires or liberation front and animal liberation front. they've killed literally zero people but there are fires terrorist acts,ette et cetera. you don't want to leave anything out. to target the senator out of nowhere? that doesn't make sense. i feel if it's connected it's unlikely to be a foreign-based attack. >> i think it's unfortunate that police have -- it's almost, you know comes out of a script, a script that you'd expect in a movie, except they're saying it here in real life, speaking on condition of anonymity or the police chief in boston speaking to the record, and obama to some extent that we're going to find you hunt you down and get you. like, all that does is fuel the conversation that we're having now to a greater extend, like i just wish we lived in a country
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where it was ok to say obviously we're investigating this and we're not going to stop until we solve it we've got to have the george bush cowboy talk, even if it's not george bush. it seems silly and like it's out of a bad summer blockbuster. cenk: i don't mind people speculating. is a keep saying over and over again, we're all curious and talking about it. the media demand that everybody in the government call it a terrorist act. like ok, i got it, to ben's point, it looks like terrorism i think it is. i would call it whether it was right wing, leftwing, forever et cetera, but stop with obama didn't call it terrorism, i can't believe it, he's soft. what's he soft about. first of all he killed bin laden, stop with the talk. >> i think that comes from the hesitation, i'd be curious to know what that thinking was not to call it terrorism.
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i feel it's because when you say terrorism in this country everybody just thinks you mean islamic terrorism where obviously clearly it's terrorism, it was terrifying, done it had the exact effect that terrorism does, but we don't think domestic terrorism when you say it in the united states. >> in the white house and trying to figure out your best policy response, it makes sense to be cautious. cenk: yes definitely. >> it could have links to all sorts of other governments that might be friendly, might be our enemies, i don't know. when the guy who got busted in times square with his car bomb was failed, he actually lived in connecticut and was inspired by al-qaeda, what he said, he said he gave all the reasons he did it. if that had gone off he detonated a car bomb in times square, james jones the national security advisor at the time said we would have retaliated against pakistan if we could have made that link.
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cenk: wow, that's crazy. >> that was a big scare. cenk: he had nothing to do with the government. >> some kid in connecticut inspired by jihad. jones said had that bomb gone off and we had even the smallest connection to pakistan, we would have hit them with the big bombs. cenk: thank god we didn't connect it. pakistan has a million business. >> that's the stake here. >> what's the difference whether it went off in a sense? cenk: yeah, if pakistan had planted it and had done it, we should take care of it. >> once the attack is done. >> there's a call to arms. that's to your point. it's really a cowboy mentality which is all right, you're messing with the wrong folks. cenk: we've got to take the break. i want to come back and talk about mark's point.
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what's the proper reaction new matter who did it and of course immediately, a saudi guy was suspected. we'll talk about that, we'll show you the bomb, when we return. come right back. coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
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(vo) later tonight current tv is the place for compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside.
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(vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current. cenk: we're back on "the young turks." what you're looking at is f.b.i. officers who are taking the shrapnel. there's apparently over 1,000 law enforcement officials in the area now combined, which is obviously a huge number. now, we were talking about the bomb there. abc had a report about these kind of i.e.d.'s. we've seen these all over the world. let's take a look here. cenk: that's white smoke the damaging shrapnel tells of an
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improvised explosive device. we've seen what they do to armored vehicles, tanks and foot patrols in afghanistan. the smaller bombs as in boston are not strong enough to damage structures, but can be deadly to anyone in the kill zone. you can see and hear those dangerous projectiles exploding into the area. the actual blast of the bomb was not strong, mostly causing injury from low flying debris, leading authorities to call it a small, mobile i.e.d. cenk: that's really interesting. i'm here with my panel ben hank kits, mark thompson and michael hastings. does that say anything one way or the other? >> for sure. the numbers in afghanistan 10,000i.e.d.'s a year.
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i was in a vehicle that got hit by an i.e.d. it didn't damage us in the vehicle, but did injure a child. the blast all went up. obviously we know from the extend of the injuries that anyone right next to it suffered that catastrophic damage because of how it blasts out. what you'll see is if you're near a suicide bomb or bomb like this it's all very much random luck. you can be standing next to it and survive totally intact. i have a friend who was next to a bomb. it killed the two next to him and the people on the other side but just knocked out his two front teeth. a suicide bomber, blows up, the
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people around him are injured but he's fine. the pattern you never know where it's going to go. it's just a matter of luck and inches who dies and who lives. cenk: let me ask you to go to b7 here. this is a photographic on how many i.e.d.'s there have been around the world since 2011. since january of 2011, 10,000 bombs set off across 112 countries. now we're shocked that it's come home here, right but i guess the rest of the world thinks this is what we've been dealing with for a while now. >> i wrote about this on the campaign trail traveling with president obama. you'd see army veterans as part of the security detail. i remember thinking i wonder whether these guys are looking for i.e. de's. they're aware of the threats
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because the technology is so widespread, so easy to do. if you're putting 40i.e.d.'s a day out in a war zone situation that means it's very, very easy to do and easy to set up. the experience could be from anyone. it just could be a terrorist an army vet it could be the range is so wide, because the tock following this is so easily accessible. first iraq, they be afghanistan then around the world. cenk: you mentioned maybe a veteran, may be a foreigner. now erik rush who apparently rushed in, he's a fox contradictor apparently. he said everybody do the national security ankle grab, let's bring more so you had des in without screening them. come on. are you already blaming the muslims? yes, they're evil. let's kill them all.
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let's go kill other random innocent people, because that will show the terrorists. as you look at the i.e.d. guys, we're not experts except michael. >> you know, i avoid them. get out of the way. cenk: i mean, it seems to me that it increases the chances of both, that it could be foreign or a veteran. when you say that people flip out, how dare you. i don't know. >> i was mumbling it right when i was about to make that point. timothy mcveigh was an army veteran. cenk: it makes sense a veteran would know the i.e.d.'s better than a citizen. doesn't mean all veterans are guilty, as all muslims are not guilty when there's a muslim bomber. >> crazy trumps veteran all day. you add a dash of what brother mankiewicz was saying, it's obviously the act of a crazy it's insane, what's happened. i think the political message
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the political statement whatever it may be, executed by a veteran exvet again, this is all speculation, it becomes perverted, and you lose the veteran association is my point quickly. talking skill around weaponry, it's not your main. >> i get, i was speculating at home last night. i like that we've cached owl this as speculation, because that's what it is, but it remind of a debate we had for years when we started doing "the young turks." i would quote jack jermon. he was that reporter for the baltimore sun. he was very comfortable, one of the fee people in this world of the 24 hour news cycle with the need to have an opinion a strong opinion. he would go i don't know. i don't know, the election's not
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for six months. cenk: you're trying to bring i don't know back, i'm trying to bring portly back. >> it's ok not to know. right now we don't know and it appears that we have professionals and it and they're the only people who can solve it. cenk: who's going to know better us or the guys from quantico who are gathering the shrapnel? they're going to figure it out i believe. the people not in panic right now, the muslims. they are literally saying please don't let it be us. we'll talk about that when we return. real immigration reform? >> with a distinctly satirical point of view. if you believe in state's rights but still believe in the drug war you must be high. >> only on current tv.
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cenk: we're back on "the young turks." ben, mark, and michael are all
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here. jami dewolf has joined us, a writer and filmmaker. great to have you with us. >> thank you. cenk: we were talking about how muslims are worried oh, my god what if it's one of us, we're going to have more trouble on our hands. in regards to the bomber, then about anti muslim back slash: cenk: of course, he represents muslim americans as he says that. ok ben we've already got a great number of misconceptions about what's happened, and so obviously, a lot of people jumped in and said probably muslims, and in fact, we
4:30 pm
arrested a -- not arrested, i'm sorry, detained a saudi a young saudi student in the area, and then my guess is that it appears that we detained him because he was saudi. >> he was, you know, john miller who's a chief investigative correspondent reported that what investigators told him is this saudi man was seen running from the explosion. cenk: yeah, so was every person there. >> so would every right-thinking american. >>. and someone else tackled the guy. we learned today that he allowed a search of his apartment cooperated fully and it would appear that he has nothing to do with it. cenk: they cleared him. >> there was all kinds of stuff wrong yesterday. that's the reason why you get into the speculation. it was even more rampant yesterday, stuff we assumed was true being reported by reputable newspapers wrong
4:31 pm
mother jones did a nice job of compiling it. we heard cell phone service turned down, untrue, it was reported 12 people were killed, now we know it was two updated to three. the bombing in the j.f.k. library. many sources were reporting that. cenk: there was a fire. >> it was just a fire, a small fire. saudi national in custody. again, we talked about that, he wasn't in custody and he had nothing to do with it. the big one was of course, this notion that there were five devices in total that three additional devices had been found. my brother who is a reporter, said if they find and unexploded in senary device, they'll solve it quickly. you'll have a suspect and be
4:32 pm
knocking down somebody's door within 24 hours. there was no unexploded. there were two bombs they both went off. there's the story cbs news reported, police have security footage of a possible suspect. there's no security footage of a possible suspect. cenk: here's what i've learned. especially within the first 24 hours after a huger complicated and confusing news event like this, don't believe like 50% of what you see is going to be wrong. ok and the speculation is what everybody is doing. if you think you have facts that's a different ballgame. calm down. we clearly don't know all the facts right now. >> it is a society generally that's used to getting information quickly and now more than ever, the technology produces information so quickly. i think there's a sense that we're all tweeting and
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retweeting any information from any others. you see a cbs logo on it, you think hey the reality is a lot of stuff is lying around and a lot of it isn't true. >> it's tough to cover breaking news like that. you're talking to well-meaning sources who think they might have heard something from their boss and it turns out to be wrong. cenk: how people are going to react is going to differ based on who it is. let's just keep that real. you know, representative, you know peter king said ok, this stove top thing means it's al-qaeda da, ref steve king talked about oh, you let the immigrants in and this is what happens. >> steve king said to slow the
4:34 pm
immigration bill down. that's his reaction. >> steve king will turn around if it's a right wing and say it's a loan wolf, it doesn't have any political implications, ignore what i was saying. >> except still slow down the immigration bill. cenk: can we have a political thought about it divorced from who it is. shouldn't the reaction simply be let's find the guy and bring him to justice. >> the fact that people are pointing fingers immediately when it's anybody at this point it's terrifying for them to make bombs like this. some of the worst attacks on american soil have been by americans. when people immediately blame muslims, furthering the same causes that got us into the war in iraq, never found weapons of mass destruction, those are the first people they point fingers
4:35 pm
at. it's incredibly dangerous at this point when nobody knows anything. >> of course jim is right but it's a super charged issue and made to order for whatever political agenda you are trying to forward. cenk: if it turns out it was an iranian agent which no one is claiming. >> i heard chenk uygur say that. i'm going to tweet that right now. cenk: do we have our tanks parked in downtown iran within a month? >> i would hope not but i think the damage that the mentality of the global war on terror, the fact that we framed the debate in the global war on terror, despite the fact that obama abandoned the terrible, it still exists. i find positive signs that we're dealing with this like a crime getting back to pre9/11 thinking, being somewhat reasonable in our response. we haven't had anyone say we are
4:36 pm
going to invade x y or z. cenk: because nobody knows yet. if it's a right winger, we are going to invade alabama. >> if it's a terrorist group i hope the response will be more directed and acute than in in the past, than our response to september 11. >> but that's a battle playing out. >> with all, you know, i was a reporter first for a long time, too and i get the difficulty of reportedding breaking news, and didn't have to do it during the age of twitter where it's moammar gaddafi anyified. we learned how vitally how important these first pieces of information can be. if it gets framed effectively enough. cenk: in the election. >> talking about the election. this nonsense from steve king and fox news and this instant speculation about a saudi national, how vital it is to
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quash that stuff and make sure people know that it's not true as quickly as possible, because the first pieces of information that stick with people tend to stick throughout. cenk: that gets stuck in their heads, whether it's right or wrong. that's why the pentagon will often frame like if our helicopter goes down, it was just an accident. a week later they're saying by the way and that happens all the time. oh bin laden hid behind his wife. oh, he didn't. everybody thinks he did now. >> we heard all kinds of speculation that turned out to be all wrong. the brother, there was all kinds of crazy things. cenk: absolutely. when we come back, one last thing on this is how likely are you to be involved or a victim of a terrorist attack? i'm going to give you the numbers. they're really interesting. then i want to turn all the political topics like gun control, immigration, et cetera.
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cenk: all right we're back on "the young turks." i've got a little bit of breaking news. 12 minutes ago, the white house was cleared. they removed all the government officials and reporters from the white house but it is now being checked, and it was just an unattended package they say and it is all clear. so, you know, everybody is on high alert here obviously especially with the package being sent to republican senator roger wicker from mississippi that had the ricin in it, everybody is on edge. to give you a sense of how likely it is, though, for you to be the victim of a terror attack, obviously if you're a u.s. senator or at the white house, it changes the equation.
4:42 pm
for those of you out there heart disease is one of out of 467 people, so that, you know, i'm actually surprised that it's that low. >> that's great news. i'll have a cheeseburger after the show. cenk: fair enough, interesting reaction. accident or injury, one out of 1656 firearms discharge doing you in is one out of 514,000 wimp is surprising it's that low. terror attack is one in 20 million. actually in north america the least amount of terror attacks in the world. obviously the mideast and asia. >> you can blame the canadians as well, pacifists.
4:43 pm
cenk: so, as we look at this, we can't help but get sucked into the drama. we feel terrible about the people who get killed and we find out about the stories. three people died. over 170 injured. it's horrible, tragic, et cetera. in new town, we had 26 victims killed. now new town got huge exposure, too, don't get me wrong. in chicago, i don't know the numbers, but usually around 20-30 people get killed. are we focusing on the wrong things here. >> bill koehler said seven people including women and children hanged in mexico, like on the same day. why is it that we don't have the same reaction to that? i think i know the answer, but it's telling. it doesn't tell a lot of great things about us, but this is why
4:44 pm
michael, why terrorism is so incredibly effective. >> we expect to be safe in boston, new town. we do not expect to be safe in the mexican border or baghdad where 55 were killed yesterday or afghanistan. it's an expectation that we as americans have and we've been willing to at the expense of other people's security to maintain it. cenk: first, i want to jump in and say that's a vigil in boston obviously for the victim of the bombings. >> even though the death toll from this incident is relative to some of these other things we talked about low it's going to affect a political agenda in this country and forward political agenda, this is to your point about everyone rallies and hanging their political agenda on the results on the speculation on whatever. in terms of its reverb reaction, it could be significant.
4:45 pm
that's why these acts of domestic terrorism of so effective. even if there isn't a casualty, when you put up the odds of dying in one of these things, it's one thing but the odds of it affecting your life in other ways, your civil rights and liberties being taken away, the war on terrorism being hung on acts like this, and it's a way to get to other things that will affect your life in a negative or certainly a significant way. cenk: no question. that's what drove me crazy about our reaction to 9/11 is that in some ways, we let the terrorists the win, because we changed our way of life, started torturing people taking away civil liberties and rights from americans. i'm like why are you letting them get their objective. that is the worst possible thing they can do. they've got to be laughing in their caves we did one spectacular events and we changed america. >> exactly. we took away your civil
4:46 pm
liberties, whether you realize it or not. cenk: we can't feed into that either way here. jami. >> in the end what's terrifying about terrific, it's the way of americans being shoved into the rest of the world. the amount of americans that died in 9/11 contrasted to how many iraqi's have been killed in contrast is not close. anybody you asked who is fanatical about the operations don't care about the number of deaths and toll. that exclusivity that americans are some sort of special breed needs to stop. it's sort of us versus them and muslims and christians and this whole act of polar opposites doesn't get to the real rule of why these attacks happen, which is our foreign policy in our countries, which a lot of americans are very ignorant about. cenk: i saw a tweet before i came on the air of someone
4:47 pm
saying the iraqis have been living with these kind of i.e.d.'s for 10 years because of the war we started when they didn't attack us on 9/11 at all. it happens here once, we all totally justifiably freak out it could have been us, could have been our kids, only it was the iraqis, it was their kids based on a war we started and never be should have. cenk: security, and how do you protect against these threats think of iraqar kabul any city with a high level of violence, you have the entire government set up to prevent bombs from getting through and they still can't do it. you have 100,000 iraqis and americans searching every car and they still get through. there is no way to protect against this stuff on a 100% basis. the fact that this happens with irregularity with other things
4:48 pm
blowing up around the world, we should be thankful for it. one in 20 million is not bad. cenk: on a relative scale. there is one mythical thing that if it turns out it was a nationalist right wing guy however you characterize it, we only have one guy in home land security tracking those guys. that's outrageous. michael used the perfect word there. we direct our justice at the right people, and if it means that we've only got one person tracking all the right wing nut jobs in the country and we've already seen all the shootings if this turns out to be another one, can we get someone to back him up in the department of home land security? that's a reasonable thing to do. >> when we come back, a cloop hole of a loophole in the gun control bill.
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cenk: we're back on "the young turks." even though it's dark, now with flashlights picking up shrapnel and parts of the bomb. the ricin letter was port marked apparently from memphis tennessee. now, was it really sent from memphis? of course we don't know. at least that's where it's postmarked from. >> that probably means it was sent from memphis. >> doesn't mean the person was from memphis. invading alabama earlier as i mentioned, turns out it's tennessee. >> it worked last time in the civil war. cenk: either way all this is obviously very ugly. now, one more other political issue i wanted to get to, guns as opposed to bombs. we had the bill, the compromise
4:53 pm
bill, not a universal background check, but kind of a background check, you can't buy it at a gun show, not a gun show parking lot. you can't buy it over the internet, but if you met the guy in person, you can sell it to them. they've got the loophole of the loophole now. now they say all right, plus, if you're in a rural area outside of a 100-mile radius of a federal firearms licensee, have at it. >> this is to lure rural lawmakers into supporting this bill that 90% of the country thinks is too weak as it is. cenk: one of the things i'm worried about is that they pass the bill after it's been gutted and gutted and gutted and pass this tiny little thing and they say when there's another massacre, we tried the liberal way, did gun control and there's still shooting. gun control is ridiculously
4:54 pm
weak. >> it's what exists when obama got the tiny little sliver of a tax increase on the richest people in the country. forget that we cut taxes irresponsibly. we gave you a tiny little bit of that money back. cenk: is this meanful at all if they pass it with the new rural lope home added on top? >> where would you locate one of those stores? because federal licensed gun dealer, i would assume that means private sellers those are going to be hard places to find, alaska montana. cenk: bingo you nailed it. they are trying to get lisa markowski's vote. you get both senators from alaska and we might pass something and in typical obama fashion, they'll say historic gun control. >> this only applies in states
4:55 pm
x, y., z. where no one is shooting anybody up anyway. cenk: we've got about a minute left jaime, thoughts about this. >> the thing about gun control fanatics are against any kind of gun control america is never going to get all of the guns back. there's this constant sentiment of they're going to take our guns. you're not going to be able to take anybody's guns or get them back. you can at least have a sane way for people to be able to buy weapons. that he makes accepts. the fact that it's 2013 and we're still haggling over it is absurd. we have more guns than almost every our country on the planet. the least we can do is make it safe for people and identify who has them at this point. >> gun legislation and toothless wall street legislation i put them in the same category. cenk: it gives a false sense of having done something. we're not going to get the
4:56 pm
12 million undocumented immigrants back into their home countries and 2 million guns off the street. it's not a reality. it gets people riled up and that's what it's intended to do. one more quick break. we'll come right back. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> with a distinctly satirical point of view. if you believe in state's rights but still believe in the drug war you must be high. >> only on current tv. >> cenk: all right we're back on "the young turks." the vimel we've been showing you in the boston area is for
5:00 pm
richard, the boy killed in the marathon attacks. on the gun control issue there will be a vote at 4:00 eastern obviously. ben from "the young turks." mark thompson from edge. jamie dewolf, thank you all so much. "viewpoint" is next. >> john: good evening, i'm john fuglesang. thank you so much for joining us. this is "viewpoint." while the nation continues to mourn the victims of the attack on the boston marathon, a picture of what exactly happened has become clear. while the why and the who remain uncertain. here's president obama who will travel to boston on thursday, updating the nation, earlier today. >> obama: this was a heinous and cowardly act. and given what we now know about what took place the fbi is investigating it as an act of terrorism. what we don't yet know, however is who carried out this attack or why whether it was planned

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